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Mangrovia.Net is born, and I hope we can do something different.

I would like to tell much more about the ideals behind this company, and already the fact that I have to call it company makes me feel strange. Anyway, I think in life, in the life we are living at the moment something has to change before we get to the point of no return. Revolution is not possible, the human beings are more than 6 billions, 3 times the number of less than 100 years ago, many  believe that we will all kill ourselves, doing in big what the inhabitants of Rapa Nui did in 1000 years.

I believe we still have a chance, starting from ourselves, showing the past to our children, letting be teached by them, and learning to be more sustainable.

I hope Mangrovia can be different. I will work hard for it !

Peace YO !